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Edgar Martinez - Owner

Edgy Studios

Edgy Studios creates and installs beautiful, long-lasting concrete surfaces. Ultra High-Performance Concrete offers functionality and style.

We are committed to working closely with homeowners, architects, designers, tradesmen, and anyone in between.

It is important that we work closely to meet your design needs. Concrete can be a beautiful addition to any home or business with a solid vision and the right artisan. Concrete has withstood the test of time and that is why it is our material of choice for fine design. 

This is concrete like you have never seen before. It is similar to natural stone but can be combined with pigments to obtain any color.

Concrete can be soft and warm in aesthetic, giving a sense of mass while achieving architectural delicateness. High-Performance Concrete can take on textures or different levels of polish. This makes it the only custom choice.

Edgar Martinez. my story

When it came time to decide what career path to choose, I decided to explore trades rather than jump into debt for the college experience. I started at a job using concrete daily to build driveways, sidewalks, building footers, and polished floors. Working with concrete daily in a variety of ways to achieve different looks, finishes, grades and purposes was the spark for me that led me on this artistic journey.

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2017 - 2020

I started working as a carpenter doing remodels for a local company. That was my first exposure to the interior design realm. This allowed me to further push my attention to detail and hand-eye dexterity in working with cabinetry and things that require more accuracy.

But something was still missing; I needed to dial into something that could flex my creative mind. And something that would allow me to leave my mark in a meaningful space.

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2011- 2018

I learned to appreciate the need for precision and the weight of the consequences of getting it wrong. 

This was the start of my obsession with concrete as a building material. I also learn the importance of mentorship; or learning from the old-timers. I also learned that I was built to work with my hands.

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March 2020- August 2021

I apprenticed with mentor Dusty Baker, an innovator and leader in our field. It was important for me to learn from a specialist in the craft. I developed my confidence, knowledge of concrete design and sealing systems, client interactions, packaging and crating, and a whole lot more.

I learned what makes a clean, elegant look and a long-lasting surface.I'd like to pay it forward one day and try to give back to trade programs or just plain mentorship.  Also I see all the details as the ingredients to why I became obsessive about not offering a material that I don’t fully trust and know.

durable and lasting

concrete design elements

I create custom and unique interior and exterior concrete elements to bring client’s visions to life.

I love using a product that is seen as more “function” over beauty, and transforming it into a showpiece so stunning you can’t take your eyes off it. 

Our creations are made from one of the most dynamic and useful materials and we simply play with the use, function, marbling and edges to create something new out of a timeless and classic building material.

Edgar Martinez, Founder

Edgar Martinez
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