Outdoor Patio

Project Description

Homeowner, Drew, contacted Edgy Studios to inquire about concrete for his outdoor kitchen and gas fire pit. he was hoping for a quick turnaround to enjoy his outdoor living space and we were able to complete this project for him in 2 weeks

He had initially considered a few natural stones and materials for this project but had a few specific concerns

  • He was concerned about the porous texture of limestone
  • He didn’t want any visible seams throughout and many products would require seams at several points
  • He didn’t want the monochromatic or high-polish look that stone options provided.

Concrete can be used to create custom and unique exterior concrete elements to bring your visions to life. Our creations are durable and timeless classics.

This project was unique because we designed a concrete ring around the gas firepit that is seamless, durable and able to withstand the heat. The homeowners were also pleased that the concrete offered a silky texture with enough marbling texture from our unique process to complement the stonework and stamped patio floor.